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Darshan Day Festival Celebration On 7th of January 2018

7th of January 2017 (saturday), Darshan Day Celebration
In 1943 on the evening of the 7th of January, Guru-vara (Thursday) sacred for worship of Baba, a miracle .happened! A shining and lustrous Cobra small in size but possessing an unusually big hood with divine marks of Tripundra, Shanka and Chakra appeared before Baba’s picture when the Bhajan was going on in full swing to the accompaniment of drum, cymbals etc., with all the lights on. The Naga stood there in a pose of worship fullness entranced in Baba Music! Waving of lights, aratis etc had no effect on the nerves of the Cobra. People around who had swelled into a crowd of a few hundred stood there in awe and wonder at the wondrous sight of the Naga with spread head. There was no fear for the snake; the proverb that even a battalion of soldiers of valour shiver at the sight of a cobra was falsified. Young and old, women and children in thousands began to pour into the spacious land of the Bhajan Madam to witness the Naga that lingered in the same spot for full 48 hours Baba bhaktas began to shower baskets of flowers in worshipful reference for the Naga. The Cobra was virtually submerged in a mould of flowers but even then, he was immobile. Aartis were performed for the Naga. On the second day of Naga’s advent, photographer came to take a picture of the Naga in its majesty but the latter was immersed under heaps of flowers. No one had the courage to go near the spot where the cobra was lodged and clear the flowers. The only course open to them was to pray. Ho! the Naga jumped out of the flowers heaps and posed for the photograph as if in answer to the prayers of the multitude. One and all were sure for the first time that it was all the work of Sai Baba. The devotees then prayed with fervour and faith to the Naga to clear out and enable them to resort to their routine worship of Baba in the Madam. Then the immobile Naga showed signs of movements went around Sri Sai Baba’s picture and slowly marched out into the open, disappeared into the bush where later an ant-hill (snake’s natural habitat) appeared. The place where the Naga disappeared in held as a ‘Holy Ground’ by devotees and from that day onwards Shirdi Sai Baba in Coimbatore is worshipped as “Sri Naga Sai”.

Watch Live darshan……

On 07-01-2018 Saturday Darshan Day Celebration program

5.15 am – Kakada Aarthi
6.30 am – Homam
11.00 am – poornahuthi
11.10 am – Sri Nagasai Bhajan
11.30 am – Abeshekam
12.30 pm – Noon Aarthi
1.00 pm – Distibuting prasadham
6.15 pm – Evening Aarthi
7.00 am – Sri Nagasai Bhajan
8.30 pm – Seja Aarthi