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Sri Ramnavami & Sri Sai Jayanthi Celebration – 2017 -From 28th March to 5 th April 2017

Sri Naga sai Trust Cordially invites you to Sri Ramnavami & Sri Sai Jayanthi Celebrate the festival from 28th March to 5 th April 2017 in a grand & befitting manner
all the devotees to participate in the function and to get the blessings of sai baba.

pooja, bhajans will held on the following days.

28th March to 5 th April 2017

 About Sri Ramnavami 

In 1897, Gopalrao Gund proposed holding an urs in Shirdi as an expression of his gratitude to Baba for having been granted the birth of a son after many childless years. Baba gave his permission for the celebration and fixed the day for Ramnavami. This was an ingenious touch of Baba’s. Urs is a Muslim festival honouring a Muslim saint usually one who has passed away); by holding the urs on the day of a Hindu festival, the two communities were brought closer together in a natural yet remarkable way. The festival gradually grew in importance and in 1912 some devotees asked Baba if they could celebrate Ramnavami, since it fell on the same day (Ramnavami is the anniversary of Lord Rama’s birth). Baba agreed and the festival was held in grand style. From that day, says the Sri Sai Satcharitra, “the urs was transformed into the Ramnavami festival”.



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